ARROW Since 1929 home of       the Iconic T50 & JT21.        Sure Shot Premium Industrial Staples with affordable alternatives to the, BEA 71 and SENCO L and N Series staples, etc.

Deal Depot Distributors Ltd. opened its doors with the D2 Adhesives & Sealants range offering Jamaica an affordable alternative to similar products on the market. Over time the range of products grew to include the SURE SHOT PREMIUM STAPLES line, the CRITTER CAGES line, and Slatwall & Accessories.

Our product line includes:


Full sheets of slatwall display board, in 8 groove, 11 groove or 15 groove  slats per sheet. Available in White, Beechwood and Cherry wood colours.

+1 876-948-4583

Packaging tape, shrink wrap and in a variety of sizes.

                            QUESTIONS? PLEASE CALL US Tel: 1-876-948-GLUE or 1-876-948-SALES                                      

The range includes the popular DEALBOND PRO, ACRYSILK PLUS, 100% Silicone, Clear Epoxy, Steel Epoxy, WOODBOND, PVC Solvent Cement and more. 

- Seal & Paint Caulking
- Dealbond Pro Contact Adhesive
- 100% Clear RTV Silicone
- PVC Solvent Cement
- 4 min Steel Epoxy
- 4 min Clear Epoxy
- Woodbond Wood Adhesive
- Painter's Caulk
- Triple Expanding Polyurethane Foam

- Window & Door Sealant

- Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant

+1 876-948-7253
+1 876-948-4583
+1 876-948-7253

- Slatwall Sheets

- Slatwall Accessories
- Small Metal Bird Cages
- Wrought Iron Cages
- Large Aviary Cages
- Dog Beds and Bowls
- Tarpaulin
- Packaging Tapes
- Stretch Wrap / Shrink Wrap

112 Harbour Street, Kingston

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